Friday, 15 March 2013

Party Idea: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on 17 March every year. Around this time, we can see shops decorated with green-green stuff (apologies for the Malaysian way of speaking ^.^). Little is known about this celebration especially to people like us, who are non-Christians. So, I did a little research and learnt that this day is to commemorate St. Patrick who championed Christianity in Ireland. The little green leaf we see here, is called the 3-leaved shamrock which was used to explain Christianity to the Irish people.
Even though St. Patrick’s Day is not widely celebrated here in Malaysia, we can gather some ideas especially if you’re thinking of party themes like forest theme, jungle theme, green theme, parade theme…

Love this dessert buffet deco! Brilliant way of using rainbow theme table runner. Super heart 

Cool way to jazz up your party straws! They look like lime right?

Another bright idea to decorate your cupcakes with simple but colorful toppers!

And now, let's end with an awesome piece of St. Patrick's Dessert Table!

Have fun everyone! There's always a reason to celebrate!

The Party Hat Team