About Us

Hi! We're Audrey and Angeline - the brains behind the PARTY HAT team. When we're not stuck in our 9 to 5 jobs, we love doing fun things like hosting parties and pigging out in new restaurants. Although it's a part time venture for us to entertain kids and organize parties, it is exactly the passion and determination that made us 'waste' our leisure time doing this! We won't be doing this if we didn't love what we do!

PARTHAT is the first party planner in Malaysia to bring parties to your home!All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favorite restaurant) and we will show up with all the necessary party supplies! 

PARTHAT's forte is organizing kids party, we also offer party decoration service for weddings, birthdays, full moon and social events (think Mother’s Day, Girls Night Out!). We design cute decoration things like tags, toppers and banners according to your theme design! Wink!
We currently run these services:
★ Party styling ~ birthdays, full moon parties, weddings and social gatherings.
★ Design party supplies ~ banners, chocolate wrappers, cupcake tags, gift tags, food labels, water bottle labels, napkin tags, straw tags, etc. according to your theme.

The Party Hat team
Email: partyhat.my@gmail.com
Whatsapp/Sms: +60173805560