Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review & Reward program

Hi, this program has ended. 
If you are still interested, pls whatapps 017 380 5560/ 
email to to find out how to join!

Join our Review & Reward program!

The Reward:
There are 2 types of Reward which you can choose from.

1. Party Deco Kit
♥ FREE complete set of customized party printables which consist of
- 1 Mini Bunting,
- 10 Gift Tags,
-10 Chocolate Labels and
- 10 Food Toppers
See sample HERE.

2. Photo Props
- 1 Moustache
- 1 Lips
- 1 Messgae
See sample HERE.

♥ FREE listing of your blog
♥ Automatic nomination on our Wall of Fun.
♥ FREE membership with Party Hat

The Review:
♥ Brief intro of Party Hat (draft will be provided to you)
♥ Summary of all the services offered by us (draft will be provided to you)
♥ Review of one of our services that you like most
♥ Party Hat website and Facebook links
♥  Photos of you & the reward!

{Pizza Making Party}

Any enquiry please email to or whatsapp 0173805560.

Get Your Free Printables

Hi, this program has ended... 
Thanks to all who had participated earlier on.

You may choose 1 set of party deco kit or 1 set of photo props completely free!

Party Deco Kit

Choose from the following designs:

Set A - Bumble Bee (out of stock!)

Set B - Love Birds (left with 2)

Set C - Hello Kitty (out of stock!)

Set D - Baby Bear (Out of stock!)

Set E - Assorted Patterns (Out of stock!)

Photo Props (currently out of stock!)
2 x moustaches, 1 x lips, 1 x "I love Party Hat"

Join our Review & Reward Program to get this. Wink!

Write to us 017 380 5560 for any questions.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cupcake Decorating Party at Musikhaus, Sunway Giza

We recently was commissioned to Musikhaus @ Sunway Giza to conduct a cupcake decorating party.
It was so much fun and we were laughing from the start of the party till the end! The kids were just hilarious, but they were REALLY talented!

Topping station! Yummy toppings for decoration

More toppings! Yum.....

Besties - Sophia & Anna

Oooh, more toppings!! Kids love the m&m's the most!

Before we start off the party, every kid got to wear their very own apron!

Now, let's decorate name tags

Ahh... Christian is very attentive

Demo & briefing time

Let's start with frosting!

Squeezy squeezy! Frosting with colored icing!

Talented Clarissa with her masterpiece!

Gloria showing the younger kids how to put sprinkles on cupcake

Look how meticulous is Chew Jun! Salute!

"My robot!" - Adam

Awww... shy but super cute Nadia

"Teacher, teacher! Can I eat the cupcake now?" - Isaac

The younger kids are getting the hang of it too!

Everyone gets a chance to do frosting

Proud moment with Isaac

"Mmm teacher, I thought you say we can't eat yet?" - Nadia

Christian & Isaac chilling out

The 3 cutie pies - Sophia, Anna and Christabelle

The older & most creative bunch - Clarissa & Chew Jun

Gloria won the lucky draw!

Crazy fun pose!

Let's eat the cupcake! AAAaaaaaaaaam!

 Everyone goes home with a certificate & cupcake box

If you want to book a similar party, please click here for more details, or call 017-3805560
The Party Hat Team

Princess Pamper Party for Princess Edria

Mummy Ana Yasmin contacted us and wanted to give her princess daughter, Edria, a Princess Pamper Party. Edria is turning 7 and this is the age where girls just wanna be women!

We had an awesome time from the moment we reach Princess Edria's house till we finish the party! All the girls were so excited and can't wait to be the first to do their nails and makeup :)

Full concentration in choosing her nail art design, whilst waiting for nails to dry

Ta-daa! My nails are done!

Gorgeous pink princess theme setup

Hi~ I'm having my makeup done!

My nails are pink and blue :)

Little princesses patiently waiting for their turn....

Before..........and After!

Princess Edria is so curious :)

Little princess is very cooperative. Didn't even blink!

Yay! I'm all dolled up now!

Hi~ My nails are being done!

See our pretty nails! Awesome kan?

Happy Birthday, Princess Edria!

We all get a Princess Certificate! Wuhoo!

Me too!

Cake cutting ceremony

Group picture ~

Lucky draw winner :)

Say cheese!

One big family!

To schedule a similar party, please click here for more details, or call 017-3805560.
The Party Hat Team