Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Get Your Free Printables

Hi, this program has ended... 
Thanks to all who had participated earlier on.

You may choose 1 set of party deco kit or 1 set of photo props completely free!

Party Deco Kit

Choose from the following designs:

Set A - Bumble Bee (out of stock!)

Set B - Love Birds (left with 2)

Set C - Hello Kitty (out of stock!)

Set D - Baby Bear (Out of stock!)

Set E - Assorted Patterns (Out of stock!)

Photo Props (currently out of stock!)
2 x moustaches, 1 x lips, 1 x "I love Party Hat"

Join our Review & Reward Program to get this. Wink!

Write to us 017 380 5560 for any questions.