Monday, 31 December 2012

Gift Idea: Pastel Pink Princess Manicure Set

Princess Manicure Set - the perfect gift set for tweens or teens! 
At this age, your girls would not want dolls or teddy bears anymore. They wanna be just like mama, all pretty and dolled up :)

This gift set comes with:
{Nail polish ~ color of your choice}
{Nail file}
{Personalized gift tag}

We can also provide matching food toppers!

Looking for somtething similar? Contact us at / 017-3805560
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Monday, 24 December 2012

Handmade Crochet Christmas Coaster

Ho Ho Ho Christmas is coming soon...
Looking for a cute & personalized gift for your love one?

Limited edition Christmas coaster.. only available at PARTY HAT

Design A: Timmy pretending to be a reindeer!

 Design B: Kimmy & her favorite tiramisu

 Design C: Timmy the santa

Design D: Kimmy the santa rina

Each design comes with a box + personalised note.
Limited ready stock.
RM19.90 each

Interested? /017 380 5560

Party Idea: Photobooth Props

Are you having a party soon? If you want to spice it up, then you should seriously consider adding some props into the event. They are great encouraging guests to have fun and best of all give you the most memorable (and funniest!) photos to bring home. Check out our growing line of Photobooth Party Props below. If you want any personalization, then just email us at

Party Hat's Photobooth Party Props

Hello Kitty Collection     ★     Mischievous Mouth Collection

2012 Christmas Collection     ★     Angry Birds Collection

Hats Galore Collection     ★     Safari Collection

Tea Time Collection

Of course we can't help it....Fooling around at our weekly lunch catch-up!


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Gift Idea: Macaroons!

Are you planning to bake some yummy cookies for the festive holiday? Why not try the infamous macaroons? Crunch on the outside, chewy in the inside! Yum!

This is one of the better videos I found. Courtesy from Honey Suckle Catering.

Turn them into cute favors, especially for weddings and bridal shower!

Photos credit: Google

Till then, happy baking and packaging!
Merry Christmas!
Lots of ❤ Party Hat

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Gift Idea: Tea Bag Favor

One of the worst thing that could happen to your party favor, is when you see pile of them being left on the table and eventually ending up in the rubbish truck :(
The best thing to do with your party favor is to make it useful and unique!

Why not make some tea bags? Check out the brilliant ideas below:

1. Valentine's Tea Bag

2. Heart Tea Bag

3. Quotable Tea Bag Tags

DIY Teabags
4. DIY Tea Bags

1. Funky Time
2. Sparkle & Hay Wedding

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Party Idea: Gift Bag with Paper Lace

This is so amazing! I'm sure all craft lovers are itching to try it out as soon as the video finishes.
If you need this type of gift bags, do contact us!
Happy Crafting!

Lots of ❤ Party Hat

Party Idea: Christmas Free Printables!

It's the season to hunt for gifts, wrap them up and hopefully (?!) accessorize them!,,,,IF only you have the time and inspiration to do it. 
So, we looked around and shortlisted a few amazingly FREE printables. Just print it off and attach them onto your pile of gifts! Let's do it!

1. Hershey's Kisses

2. Gift Wrapping

3. Gingerbread Man Serires

4. Gift Tags

5. Holiday Gift Tag

All original links are here:

Till then, happy wrapping and decorating your gifts!
Lots of ❤ Party Hat

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cupcake Toppers for Kidzhaven's Get-together

My son's daycare (Kidzhaven) had a get together last Saturday, where all the kids and parents get to meet each other and catch up from our busy lives. It's such a joy seeing the kids playing and eating happily with their friends and teachers!

We made cute little animal cupcake toppers to decorate the already very colorful cupcakes. (Review on cupcakes on another post). I figured animals are unisex and universal things that kids like and made assorted colors too. It turned out pretty well, I think ❤

Little Lucas enjoying yummy blue cupcake! Sugar High!

Kiddies having a blast sliding over and over again

Toothpick Flags for Ikano's Birthday Bash

We're proud to be a part of Ikano's recent Birthday Celebration! They wanted to decorate little cupcakes with toothpick flags and contacted us to make these little guys for them.

Happy Birthday, Ikano!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Party Favor: Pink Pedicure Kit in a jar

A corporate's soft launch door gift for limited guests only. 
Their theme is pink!
Hence, we suggested a mason jar which consists of 
nail polish, 
nail brush, 
scrub bar, 
cuticle stick,
soft nail sponge and 
foot sponge.. all in Pink!
Comes with a fushia pink ribbon + personalized tag.

Min: 30 units 017 380 5560