Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cupcake Decorating Party at Musikhaus, Sunway Giza

We recently was commissioned to Musikhaus @ Sunway Giza to conduct a cupcake decorating party.
It was so much fun and we were laughing from the start of the party till the end! The kids were just hilarious, but they were REALLY talented!

Topping station! Yummy toppings for decoration

More toppings! Yum.....

Besties - Sophia & Anna

Oooh, more toppings!! Kids love the m&m's the most!

Before we start off the party, every kid got to wear their very own apron!

Now, let's decorate name tags

Ahh... Christian is very attentive

Demo & briefing time

Let's start with frosting!

Squeezy squeezy! Frosting with colored icing!

Talented Clarissa with her masterpiece!

Gloria showing the younger kids how to put sprinkles on cupcake

Look how meticulous is Chew Jun! Salute!

"My robot!" - Adam

Awww... shy but super cute Nadia

"Teacher, teacher! Can I eat the cupcake now?" - Isaac

The younger kids are getting the hang of it too!

Everyone gets a chance to do frosting

Proud moment with Isaac

"Mmm teacher, I thought you say we can't eat yet?" - Nadia

Christian & Isaac chilling out

The 3 cutie pies - Sophia, Anna and Christabelle

The older & most creative bunch - Clarissa & Chew Jun

Gloria won the lucky draw!

Crazy fun pose!

Let's eat the cupcake! AAAaaaaaaaaam!

 Everyone goes home with a certificate & cupcake box

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The Party Hat Team