Monday, 10 September 2012

Party Idea: Howdy Cowboy!

If you're thinking of having a Cowboy (or Cowgirl) party, get some inspirations here!

What a rustic cowboy party! Perfect setup from Whimsical Feature.

Horsey Cake Pops by Roni Sugar Creations!! Too cute to eat! Can anyone bake similar cake pops like this? Please contact us at

We love these cute printables from Bear River Photo Greetings, especially the Howdy Invitation Card! Who could resist such a cute invite!

Haha! Such cute "Wanted" poster! Spotted at Wants and Wishes Printables.

Okay, if you really don't have time to plan a cowboy/cowgirl bash for your little one, don't beat yourself up. Decorate your food with cute printables to jazz up a simple meal. This great idea is from this site. Contact us to order printables like these!

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