Monday, 10 September 2012

Party Idea: Baking Party!

Sometimes we just run out of idea on party themes! So, here's one for you - it'll be a big hit especially among little girls!

A Baking Party (^.^)

Look at the budding little chefs! Great tips from Multiply Delicious on how to organize one cupcake kitchen party.

Firstly, get a really cute invitation card going out to your guests (or rather your daughter's guests!). This one is from Bella Chi Cards. Contact us to design your own :)

OMG! *Screaming in my heart*
Super adorable cupcakes from Bella Grey Designs! Any bakers can do this? Contact us, we'd love to know you.
Serve these awesome cupcakes to your guests, guaranteed a big hit!

Decorate your kitchen with candy sweet color theme. Inspiration from Sweet Designs. Let the kids have a blast here!

Before the little guests go home, don't forget to hand over their goodie "bag"! Thanks to Sweet Shoppe Designs for this marvelous idea.

Look at our cupcake set too!!

Party Hat- Your Ultimate Party Planner with Love...

Email us at to order. Thanks!