Saturday, 28 December 2013

Gingerbread Man Cookies Decorating Party

This is a late post! We have partnered with Musikhaus, Sunway Giza, once again this year. 
Since the Christmas is coming close so we have a gingerbread man decorating party for the children. We had lots of Fun and I believe the kids too.. Thanks Pat!

Setting up the place for the kids to arrive

Plain gingerbread man cookies ready for the kids

Colorful toppings for the children.. They always love them :)

 Instructor helping out with the young kids with the icing bottle

Matthew is spreading some crystal sugar on the gingerbread man cookie

 Elder children trying out with the icing, drawing their ideal design

 Chew Zheng, such an obedient boy!

 Issac, cheerful as ever!

Chris! with her lovely decorated cookies

Matthew, a cool boy!

Chew Jun with his neatly decorated gingerbread man..
His designed 3 buttons and a colorful trousers for the gingerbread man

 Work in progress

 Waiting patiently with their decorated cookies...

Some of the pretty works!

 Group Photo with the children and their certs

The Winner! A small gift for her

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