Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cupcake Decorating Party for Ayleia and Areena

We have hosted our signature cupcake decorating party at FitFor2, Bangsar last weekend. This was for  Ayleia and Areena birthday party. They are elder children 7 years old and younger ones at 4. 
We had so much fun and the children were very excited too.. 
Here are some photos we captured on the actual day. Thanks mummy Aida.

 Setting up the tables, chairs, utensils and aprons

 Icing station (white and multi colored icing)

 Toppings stations (multiple choices for the kids)

Instructor Audrey ...waiting for the kids

 FitFor2 studio to host the cupcake decorating party

 can't wait!

 a group smile before getting their hands dirty hehe

 mummy is helping out the younger kid as well

 here it goes..

 can't stop decorating and munching on the delicious toppings..

 Tulsi with her first decorated cupcake!

 Elder kids listening to our guidance

more mummies helping out the younger ones

more and more actions.. 

 Taaadaaaa.... all decorated cupcakes are displayed here

Birthday cake cutting ceremony

 Judges making their selections of Top 5

 me of course huhu.. giving out their 'certificates'

more certificates...

 family photo

kids with their party bags and decorated cupcake in a box
Hannah can't wait to eat huhu

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