Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Construction Party for 2 year old birthday boy

Yellow and black Constructions Party for Lucas, who loves trucks and dumpers...
There are a lot of details in this party, we love the result! 
All the guests were amazed and excited !!

 Children' best drink of the day- fuel ??!! (orange vitagen, of course)

 chocolate sticks as dynamites? how cool is this..

 day wages for the construction workers.. they are gold coin chocolates packed in a black 
organza tied up in ribbons and gift tags

 overall party look.

 party packs (treasure bags) for his little guests to bring home. 
(ruler, pencil, notebook, eraser and bubble bottle)

 3 tier construction cake with lots of m&ms surrounding it

 chocolate bar is personalised too... How cute are they?

 little dumper full loaded with hersheys chocolates..

  explosives pop corns!! 
One of the best snack of the day, even adults couldn't stop munching these :)

 Drill bits?? haha they are actually twisties.. 
nicely packed in french fries box

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