Thursday, 16 May 2013

Handmade crochet

Beer bottle | Sandwich
 Cookie thumbs Up | Cookie with white pink icing
  Cookie :P face | Tiger Biscuit with cream (in the middle)
All our collections! more to come... 
Cake & donut series..

more donuts..

Oreo with vanilla or peanut butter filling

kopi | cappuccino 

Baby boy shoe
Baby girl shoe
 cactus say hi
doggie with scarf
ice cream+ Oreo
 ladybirds gang
pinkie| froggie
 snails? can u find them
 strawberry tart
usa chan coin pouch
Tipsy bunny beer bottle cozy
Kids toaster bag+ strawberry
Jumbo with tiny hat
angry bird
Sushi coaster
Ballet bunny | Fishing bunny

Product Information:
Item: Handmade crochet designs masterpiece/ with wooden pegs/ with magnet
Description: Personalized & outstanding, made with love & care. 
Suitable to hold your notes or for decorations.
Not forgetting can be a lovely gift too.
Price: RM6.90 each for pegs | others pls ask us.
This is for craft lovers only!! :D

You can ask for your own design, send us the picture & we will handmade it for you. 017 380 5560