Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cupcake Topper

Rainbow toppers with ice cream sticks

Mickey head toppers with ice cream sticks
pink and blue baby shower cupcake topper

Pororo and friends cupcake topper
 sponge bob toppers with long sticks

Baby Mickey family toppers with toothpicks

 pororo and friends

 toy story toppers with toothpicks

 Cars with toothpicks

 leopard toppers with ice cream sticks

chalkboard signs food topper

Hello Kitty theme food topper

Hen's night muffin topper

ikano birthday bash

Majlis Aqiqah cupcake topper

Photo credit: Custom Celebration

Product Information:
Item: Food Topper
Description: Toppers are either round or scallop shape. Size approx. 2".
Min. order 30 pieces.
Recommended Add-ons: Matching ribbons, rhinestone embellishment, buttons, feathers

Order at / 017 3805560
*We have a min. order amount for each transaction. Please enquire.*