Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birthday Goodie Bag Kit

Is your kid's birthday coming along? No time to prepare goodie bags for his/her party? We are here to help! Our Birthday Goodie Bag Kit is packed with fun-filled items that will guarantee a big grin on every child's face when they open it!

Sample of goodie bags

Our special order for Lucas' first birthday

Birthday Goodie Bag Kit is suitable for 30 pax. Each pack consist of :
  1. Personalized pocket notepad
  2. Stationery set (any two: pencil, eraser, ruler, paper clip)
  3. Coin chocolates with personalized label
  4. Personalized gift tag
  5. Gift bag
You can also order the gift bag with personalized gift tag only, and insert your own goodies. 

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